By Andreana Patrinos Source: Vogue Paris As with most things, skin care and cosmetics have come a long way since their origins. As we delve further and take a trip back into the future, let’s assess just how far society has come. Although we can’t trace a date, using facial decoration to gain attention or […] […]

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The best you, always.

By Andreana Patrinos Source: Fashion Ghana Beauty advice and tips provided to you by LUXit Beauty. Whatever your beauty routine is, here are 5 simple tips to keeping your skin clear and prepped at all times. By sticking to these simple do’s and don’t’s, you will feel more in control of the way you look […] […]

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High Tides of Happiness

*I hope you’re holding on* Its January 3rd 2017. Finally things have started to settle down. With Christmas and New Years, it’s quite difficult to assess your happiness and overthinking. I have found this process (of trying to control my emotions) a little more tiring then I would have anticipated. Over the course of the […]

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